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Pyramid of pennies

Act 1

A video is shown of a pyramid being made from pennies...

Cola pool

Act 1

A video shows an inflatable swimming pool filled with Cola. How many bottles of Cola did it take to fill the pool?

Act 2

Further information is given in the form of a diagram showing the diameter and height of the pool.

Act 3

A speeded up video shows that using 2 litre...

Popcorn picker

Act 1

A split screen video is shown. The video shows sheets...

Hot coffee

Act 1

A giant cup is being used as part of a world record...

Water tank

Act 1

A video is shown of an octagonal water tank being...

Nana's lemonade

Act 1

A lemon wedge is squeezed into a small glass. A...

Nana's paint mixup

Act 1

A person receives a text message to mix some paint...

Nana's chocolate milk

Act 1

A split-screen video is shown of two cups of...

Coke v Sprite

Act 1

A video shows two equal sized glasses, one contains...

Domino skyscraper

Act 1

Information is given that a smaller domino can topple...

World record balloon dog

Act 1

A video shows a square filled with balloons. A dog...


Act 1

A video shows the start of a graduation ceremony with...

Coin counting

Act 1

A video shows coins being placed into a change...

Finals week

Act 1

A five-way split video is shown of a student drinking...


Act 1

A picture is shown of a scale model of Neptune. The...


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