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Billion apps

Act 1

A video screen grab is shown of a counter showing how...

Print job

Act 1

A video shows paper being loaded into a printer. The...

Gas station ripoff

Act 1

Three petrol station pumps are shown with the amount of fuel and price being shown. Which of these gas pumps are trying to rip you off?

Act 3

An animated graph shows that for pump 1 the relationship between quantity of fuel and price is non-linear, and this is the one that is trying to...

Pain relief

Act 1

A picture is shown some packs of pain relief tablets...

Shower v bath

Act 1

A video is shown of a person running a bath, and a...

Partial products

There are three pictures given of multipacks of food. In each case, some items have been removed from the multipack, and the shopper wishes to purchase the quantities left. The prices are given for a full multipack for each product. What is the total grocery bill?

Obscure geometry

A video is shown of a square with its diagonals marked. The resulting regions are, of course, 25% of the whole square. A motion graphic shows one of the diagonals sliding down a side to rest at the mid-point. What percentage of the whole is each region?

This is an adaptation of a print-based task designed by...

Amazon percent discount

A screen grab is shown of a product page from the internet. The list price is given, together with the amount saved. The new price and the percentage discount are blanked out. The task is to find the discounted price and the percentage discount.

The screen grab is shown again, but this time with the new...

Beta ray absorption

An investigation looking at how beta radiation is absorbed when it passes through different thicknesses of aluminum.  From this you can then calculate the absorption coefficient for aluminum.  When doing this investigation please ensure you have followed CLEAPSS guidance or the safety body for your country.  This...


In this activity, students look at the RNLI’s high-speed Shannon class lifeboats and launch vehicles which use hydraulics as a propulsion system. They explore the relationship between force, pressure and area and how forces are transmitted through liquids. Students also investigate how the output force of a jet...

40% of 70 = 70% of 40

This seemingly simple prompt leads to a rich task that can be developed in a number of different ways.

Lesson notes...

Power for everyone everywhere

This activity allows pupils to explore the principles of wind turbine movement, apply them and work in teams to plan and build a miniature wind turbine. Turbine performance is also evaluated after testing.

The activities introduce the notion of unequal access to reliable electricity in the world and the...

Appliance Science

The EU has recently imposed limits on the power ratings of vacuum cleaners, and proposes further limits on appliances such as hairdryers. In this activity students consider a further (fictional) future restriction, on home electricity use. Students calculate the energy transferred in kilowatt-hours by the...


This collection of resources is to support teams participating in the CyberCenturion competition.

CyberCenturion is a national cyber education initiative for 12-18 year-olds in the UK. The program is designed to excite, educate and motivate students to...


Deagan is an entomologist for the Forestry Commission, and has travelled the world as part of his job.

Curriculum links include classification, climate change, biodiversity, species, taxonomy, ecosystems, rainforests

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